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Concentrated Car Cleaning Soap

SQ Schaum concentrated soap has been carefully developed in our lab mixing the precise anionic and non ionic surface active agents in order to get a product that will clean the surface of your vehicle and keep your paint's finish looking brilliant.

Concentrated Car Wash Soap

The rich long lasting foam that Schaum produces clings to the car while loosening the dirt, grime and oil with great care. It also helps the car detailer to spot where he has applied product and which areas are still missing.

Schaum soap is highly concentrated. You can dilute it as little as 1/2 Oz per gallon of water for washing your vehicle. That means that one gallon of our concentrated wash soap can make up to 250 gallons of washing mixture. This is good news in terms of storage space for your garage, shop or warehouse, and of course being concentrated reduces significantly the shipping cost of the product.

When you want to make your car, RV, boat or airplane stand above the rest, you need to make a product that combines concentration, effectiveness, proper viscosity, that works with any type of water, and that is mild with the environment. That is what we have done with the SQ Schaum.

SQ Schaum Concentrated Wash Soap is available in gallons, 5 gallon buckets, and 55 gallon drums.

While not toxic, prevent contact with eyes.

Do not ingest, for more information refer to SDS


SQ Schaum - Concentrated Wash Soap – Key Features

  • It can to be used in a bucket or in a foam cannon (foam cannon soap)
  • Super concentrated: You only need to dilute 5:1 when used with a foam cannon or 1/2 Oz per gallon of water when using a bucket.
  • Perfect to wash vehicles of any color, including black and other dark colors
  • Designed to do it all in only one step: it cleans and conditions your car
  • Our car wash shampoo cleans without removing wax protection
  • Produces a rich and thick layer of foam that encapsulates and lifts tough dirt, grime and abrasive soils from the painted surface so they can be easily washed away without scrubbing
  • Prevents soils from re-depositing on the surface of your vehicle
  • Can be safely used in all types of vehicles, including cars, RV, motorcycles, trucks, boats and airplanes. It can also be used in many types of surfaces ad finishes
  • SQ Schaum concentrated wash soap is pleasantly scented
  • Protects and conditions your vehicle’s surface preventing dulling paint
  • It can be used in any type of weather
  • Made with the finest ingredients to be gentle to your automobile and to the environment
  • Reduces streaking and water spots, providing a quick drying solution
  • Prevent soils from re-depositing on the paint finish to reduce the formation of swirl marks and minor surface scratches
  • Its gentle formula allows to be used in a weekly/monthly schedule


Concentrated Car Wash Soap - FAQs

Can Schaum car soap be used with a foam gun?
Yes, Schaum concentrated soap is a versatile product. You can use it in a bucket wash or with a foam gun system. We proudly believe SQ is the best foam cannon soap in the market.

Is Schaum concentrated car soap good for washing black cars?
Yes, Schaum concentrated soap is perfect for washing black, dark and any other color vehicles. The precise anionic and non ionic surface active agents of our formula help suspend the dirt and grime particles while breaking the water tension so spots don't form in the surface. The soap is very slick and glides away without leaving spots or swirl marks. Also our formula is PH neutral so it won't harm your paint.

How concentrated is Schaum car wash soap?
1 gallon of Schaum concentrated car soap can treat up to 250 Gallons of water. You can wash your car with just 1/2 Oz in a gallon of water. This high concentration makes it a great value per ounce.



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