About Us

Who We Are:

The SQ brand started in Venezuela in 1970 as a line of industrial and automotive chemicals that offered excellent quality at affordable prices. The consistency of its products quickly earned recognition, and within it first ten year the brand was a staple of the local market.

As the decades rolled, the company added new and innovative solutions to its catalog, and  by the early 90's it also manufactured paints, janitorial and domestic products, and others with applications ranging from mining to fire fighting. The company had also grown beyond the local borders, becoming a common sight in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic and Spain.

On 2015 the SQ brand took a new challenge and began to commercialize its products in the United States. As a celebration of 45 years of experience, the first batches of SQ products were manufactured in Florida.

Currently, there are well over 30 different SQ products being manufactured in the United States. The principles of the company have never changed, and in an ever-more-competitive world, the SQ brand has remained true to the quality and services that has characterized it.       

Company Statement:

SQ is a family owned company where three successive generations have had the opportunity of working together. This experience however has not been limited to management, as many of our employees have seen their siblings, children or other relatives grow as part of our team.

SQ has found success by consistently offering high quality products at a fair price, and by being an efficient supplier to its customers.

Through our time we have learned that the only way to achieve prosperity is through sustainability. We do not believe in shortcuts, and we consider that the needs of our customers are our first priority.