Aluminum Brightner and Rust Remover 5 Gallon

Aluminum Brightner and Rust Remover 5 Gallon

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SQ Aluminum Brightener and Surface Rust Remover is an multipurpose acid cleaner that shines metals, removes surface rust, and cleans oily floors.

Our product doesn't contain harmful hydrofluoric or sulfuric acid, instead our acid cleaner combines soaps and solvents with a combination of much milder organic and inorganic acids used in everyday life. Even when using a safer blend, the SQ acid cleaner does not compromise its quality and produces fantastic results as a wheel cleaner, surface rust remover or concrete cleaner.

The majority of acid cleaners use sulfuric or hydrofluoric acid. Sure, they get the work done, but what you don’t see is the damage that they do to the treated parts, and more importantly, to the user. Sulfuric acid is so tricky, that at full concentration it can be stored in metal containers, but when it is lowered, it has to be stored in glass; hence the impression that “it’s more effective the more it’s diluted.” Hydrofluoric acid is even worse, as it doesn’t produce a burning sensation on the skin until it’s too late.

Recommended dilution rates:

Dilution Rate in Water                      Uses

1:1-1:3                                     Rusted metals, dirty aluminum

1:5                                           Tools

1:10                                         Wheels

1:15                                         General purpose solvent and acid cleaner

Use Full Concentrate for badly rusted parts (the SQ Acid Cleaner will only remove surface rust)  and oily floors

SQ Aluminum Brightener and Surface Rust Remover is available in quarts, gallons, 5 gallon buckets and 55 gallon drums.

A technical product, do not inhale or ingest, avoid contact with skin or eyes.

Refer to the SDS for additional information regarding usage and handling.