Concentrated Degreaser  One Gallon | 1 Box with 4 Gallon units

Concentrated Degreaser One Gallon | 1 Box with 4 Gallon units

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SQ alkaline concentrated degreaser can accomplish a variety of jobs in an easy way. Just dilute the concentrate as per the recommended table below. Be careful, using it in it's fully concentrated form it will remove paint from metal surfaces, including car engines.

SQ concentrated degreaser has been carefully formulated with a blend of powerful cleaning ingredients. It will excel in many tasks, from cleaning the dirtiest and greasiest of floors, to acting as a glass cleaner. It will cut the grease of tools and engines, and remove effectively the soil from tires and rubbers.

Simply follow this dilution chart to obtain ideal results for each application:


Dilution Rate in Water        Uses

        1-1:3    Engines, underbody, concrete.

          1:5      Tools, love bugs, tires.

          1:10     Rubber, fabrics, tile

          1:15     Sinks, chrome, counter tops

          1:40      Windows

Use full concentrate on ovens, grills, greasy kitchen floors


SQ Concentrated Degreaser is sold in quarts, gallons, 5 gallon buckets and 55 gallon drums.

Refer to the SDS for additional information regarding usage and handling.

This is a technical strength product, do not inhale or ingest, avoid contact with skin or eyes.