Engine Cleaner and Degreaser 14.5 Oz.|  Box of 12 Units

Engine Cleaner and Degreaser 14.5 Oz.| Box of 12 Units

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A water-free formula that degreases engines displacing gunk, oil, soot and much more.  

A fantastic degreaser that is ideal for cars, trucks, tractors, power mowers, boats, bilges, machines, and many others. The product emulsifies when rinsed, and removes dirt, grease, oil, soot, and others. Rinsing the product with water is necessary to ensure proper cleaning and to prevent fire hazards.

Apply only on a cool engine. To prevent any damage or short circuit, cover all electrical parts, sensors, intakes, underhood wiring, carburetor, and any additional sensitive areas. Shake well and apply generously on a dry engine, focusing on the sections with heavier deposits of dirt and grease. Rinse overspray from bodywork and other parts to prevent removal of paint and wax. Let product sit for 10-15 minutes, brush deposits that require additional help, rinse engine, from top to bottom, with a low flow of water, taking special care when rinsing around covered areas. Once product has been washed, remove all covers and reinstall disassembled parts

For additional information refer to SDS