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Looking for the best way to protect your leather goods? We have it!

When only the best will do, the SQ Leather Protectant combines polymers, waxes and soaps in a blend that cleans any type of leather surface and leaves an invisible, non-sticky, non-slippery coating that prevents future damage.

Our leather protector is an incredible bargain and an indispensable tool for both your vehicle and your home or office. It is Ideal for cleaning stains, dust, mold spots, and revitalizing color. Our leather protector leaves an invisible layer that's streak-free and none-slippery. A versatile mix that works in leather, semi-leather and suede, it’s highly recommended for upholstery, jackets, shoes, boots, belts, suitcases, briefcases, and many more. Its blend of waxes and polymers create a protective coating over the treated surface.

Conveniently packed in 16 oz bottles, it can also be supplied in gallons or 5 gallon buckets.

Warnings: Prevent contact with skin or eyes. Do not ingest. For additional information refer to SDS.

 Leather Car Seat Conditioner  Leather Sofa Protector

SQ Leather Protectant - KEY FEATURES

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient spray bottle facilitates its application leather surfaces
  • Its eco-friendly formula makes it gentle on the environment
  • Made with PH balanced plant based ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Its non-sticky, non-greasy formula leaves no oil residue
  • Concentrated formula
  • Our leather protector, cleaner and conditioner works in leather items in just one step, helping your leather looking new for years.
  • As a high quality leather conditioner moisturizer nourishes and conditions the leather protecting it against premature aging and preventing drying and cracking.
  • It restores the natural luster of leather: Its highly sophisticated formula deeply penetrates into the pores of the leather replenishing lost oil, restoring, rejuvenating and moisturizing older or neglected leather surfaces.
  • It preserves the strength, flexibility, durability, and appearance of leather surfaces
  • Protects leather from UV rays which helps prevent aging and fading
  • Gently cleans leather removing built-up dust dirt and grime from the leather surface.
  • Works on almost every kind of leather products both at home and your car including furniture, shoes, jackets, purses and car seats
  • Safe to protect almost every type of leather: It can be used on real and on synthetic leather products, including suede and vinyl surfaces.
  • Helps repel water and snow


Leather and Suede Shoe and Boots Protector Leather Hand Bag Cleaner and Protector

Leather Cleaner and Protector for Boots, Shoes, Jackets, Car Seats, Hand Bags and More

  • Excellent for protecting your vehicle, your home or office
  • Works miracles in leather, semi-leather and suede
  • Highly recommended to protect, clean and condition your upholstery, jackets, shoes, boots, belts, suitcases, briefcases, handbags and many more
  • Suede shoe protector
  • Leather boots - jackets cleaner and conditioner

Leather Care - FAQs

How to Clean Leather Seats

Leather seats are expensive and frequently exposed to daily use and abuse.

Avoid cleaning your car seats while they are very hot. Moving the car to a shady area is recommended. The first step during the cleaning process should be vacuuming thoroughly your car seats to prevent scratching the leather while rubbing any debris across its surface. Make sure you use the appropriate attachment such as a soft brush.

Once the leather surface is clean of dust and debris, spray a high quality leather cleaner and protector. The specific next steps will depend on the product you use. We strongly recommend SQ Leather Protectant, which cleans and protects in just one step and helps your leather seats look new for years. SQ Leather Protectant can be applied directly to the leather or onto a clean cloth. Spread evenly and use a clean, dry and soft towel to absorb the excess moisture. If the surface of the leather is very dry we recommend using the SQ Leather Conditioner instead.

Can I use SQ Leather Protectant in ANY leather products?

SQ Leather Protectant can be used in any type of leather and products, including handbags, car seats, sofas, jackets, boots and shoes. However, as with any leather product, we recommend you test first in a small inconspicuous area before applying it to the whole leather surface. SQ Leather Protectant should only be used in treated leathers, vinyl or rubbers. Not recommended in fabrics, unfinished leathers sued or pelts.

How sun affects my car seats?

If you have leather seats in your car, its very likely you have already noticed how hot they become due to sun exposure, especially during summer days. This exposure to sunlight will evaporate the leather's natural oils drying it out and taking away its flexibility. Over time, without proper protection, sunlight will make your leather car seats to crack and fade. Using SQ Leather Protectant is a big step towards keeping your leather seats healthy and looking like new.

How dust affects leather?

Dust can make leather fibers wear out and lead to cracks on its surface. To avoid this problem make sure your leather products are free of dust. To clean dust off leather:

  • Use a slightly damp, soft white microfiber cloth. Make sure the cloth is only slightly wet or leather could be damaged. It is recommended to use distilled water instead of tap water.
  • Fully dry with a clean and soft towel.
  • You can instead use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

How do body oil and sweat affect leather?

Body oil and perspiration PH levels damage leather resulting in stains and cracks on leather surfaces. This happens as the bodily fluids penetrate and build up, eventually weakening leather fibers overtime. Leather that starts to crack is irreparable. Regular use of a high quality leather cleaner, protector and conditioner goes a long way in preventing this type of damage. We strongly recommend our SQ Leather Protectant to care for your leather car seats, coaches, boots, handbags and any other leather product.

Does water damage leather?

Yes. Water damages most leather surfaces. Rain and tap water have minerals that will stain most leather surfaces unless they have been treated to repeal water, leaving water spots and discoloration. Leather damaged by water will eventually stretch out. If leather gets wet, dry out as soon as possible using a dry cloth and treat the surface with a high quality leather cleaner, protector and conditioning such as SQ Leather Protectant. Avoid using heat to dry the leather because this will result on even more damage.

Dry Out Leather and Clean with Our Leather Protector and Conditioner  Protect Leather Against Cracking Using SQ Leather Protectant