Lustrous Protectant 12 Oz | Box of 12 Units
Lustrous Protectant 12 Oz | Box of 12 Units
Lustrous Protectant 12 Oz | Box of 12 Units

Lustrous Protectant 12 Oz | Box of 12 Units

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Interior Cleaner and UV Protectant

Simply put, the best interior cleaner and UV protectant you’ll find. Solvent free, with added UV protectant, and available in multiple fragrances (Lime, Cherry and Strawberry), the SQ Lustrous guarantees unparalleled long lasting shine, that won’t cause any type of damage to the treated surface. A spray-and-wipe product that will provide immediate results for a long time.

SQ Lustrous Cleaner and UV protectant: Car interior cleaner diyLooking for the best cleaner for your car interior plastic surfaces? SQ Lustrous Protectant cleans, shines and protects dashboards, plastic parts, bumpers, chromes, metals and even carbon fiber propellers against harmful UV rays. A fantastic cleaner that will effortlessly remove and repel dust, dirt, and mold spots. Conveniently packed in 12 oz. bottles, it is supplied also in gallons and in 5 gallon buckets.

Because of its composition, interior cleaner is extremely slippery, don’t use on floors. While not toxic, prevent contact with skin or eyes. Do not ingest. For more information refer to SDS.

Interior Cleaner -  FAQs

Why my dashboard looks cracked?

Over the years, car dashboards, especially those of old models, tend to crack due to sun exposure if not properly maintained and protected. Heat and ultraviolet light (UV) are to blame. Dashboards damaged by UV light look dry and dusty. UV damage is a reality everywhere, but especially if you live in tropical or hot weather, with a lot of sunny days. Your car’s dashboard receives the greatest amount of sun exposure and, unless you have especial UV protection, your windshield may actually make the effect of the direct sunlight on your dashboard even worse. Use SQ Lustrous Protectant as your dashboard UV protectant! It gives your dashboard and the interior of your car a long lasting protection against harmful UV rays.

How do I protect the interior of my car from sun damage?

The dashboard is the part of your car that is exposed the most to heat and UV light. Here are some tips you can follow to keep it looking like new!

  • Keep your dashboard free of dust. Using a microfiber cloth is recommended.
  • Avoid getting direct sunlight in your dashboard parking your car in a shady area if possible. The best place would be a car garage.
  • Protection against UV rays can greatly vary from vehicle to vehicle. Some cars have no protection. If this is the case of your car we strongly suggest you look into the possibility of installing it. It would help your car and your health.
  • Treat your dashboard and other parts of the interior of your car using a high quality car dashboard cleaner and protectant. SQ Lustrous Protectant cleans, shines and provides long lasting protection against harmful UV rays. Great on, dashboards, bumpers, chrome, plastic and many more.

Where can I use Lustrous cleaner?

You can safely and effectively use SQ Lustrous Protectant in wood, leather, plastic, rubber, metals, dashboards, chrome an many more.